Buy Real Estate Belize

Buy Real Estate Belize

25 Acre Island for sale 1 mile away from Ambergris Caye

Fantastic location within 1 mile from Ambergris Caye and only 4 miles to Leonardo DiCaprios island Blackadore Caye. Rosewood Caye is a 25 acre island that is  part of the Bracilette Caye island group and is separated from the main south Bracilette Caye by a 50ft navigable deep water canal that also provides great  deep water access to the property.

Island also features:

1.5 miles of waterfront with unobstructed views of Blackadore Caye (Island purchased by Leonardo Di Caprio in 2005 ) and other islands, pristine white sand beach,solid Limestone base, 8 miles to San Pedro Town-no 1 tourist destination in Belize. 6 miles to the Most Exclusive hotel in Belize Cayo Espanto. Safe protected harbor on the North Side of the property is great for a marina. Belize Barrier Reef is easily accessible through Blue Reef resort located 2 miles away on the East side of Ambergris Caye.

There are many secluded and tranquill  beaches througout the island, many mature Royal Palm trees as well as other types of tropical plants. Coral stone bedrock is very close to the surface (1-10 ft allowing for easy pile free construction.  Island is protected from the storms by Ambergris Caye located immediately to the East. Easy ride to San Pedro Town on calm torqouse water.

James Prince  the owner and CEO  of  Texas based based Rap-a-Lot Records had recently purchased a 2 acre  island just 1 mile away and is building a sprawlig villa on the property.

Harrison Ford, Bill Gates and Tiger Woods also visited  the area staying in the Cayo Espanto Hotel and visiting nearby pristine beaches for a hotel set up beach picnic.

Leonardo Di Caprio in partnership with Delos Group is building the Exclusive Eco Resort on Blackadore Caye with villa prices upwards of $10,000,000 US!

Rosewood Caye   will accommodate a medium size Eco-hotel or residential development of up to 100 private villas. The property is sold well below market. Most of the islands in the area priced in the range of $120,000 US to $700,000 US per acre. Here are prices of the islands for sale or sold  within 10 mile range of the property: Torquise Caye 5 acres $950,000US, Swab Caye 5 acres $3,500,000 US, Savannah Caye 25 acres $3,300,000 US. Most recent sale in the area is Cayo Rosario-10 acre island at $400,000 US per acre.

Property have been inspected and  approved for constriction by one of the prominent building companies on Ambergris Caye. Sewer and water specialists have also inspected the property and gave it a green light for development.   Sellers are mitivated  and will consider finacing the buyer with reasonable downpayment and terms. Last chance to purchase before the listing price rising ones Blackadore Caye project is well underway.